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What Will I Be informed?

  • 21 detailed movies about sensible assaults towards Wi-Fi networks
  • Be informed community fundamentals and the way gadgets engage with each and every different
  • Map the present community and accumulate information about attached shoppers
  • Be informed the idea at the back of ARP poisoning and MITM assaults
  • Alternate the float of packets in a community
  • Release Quite a lot of Guy In The Middle assaults.
  • Acquire get entry to to any account accessed by way of any consumer for your community.
  • Seize all passwords entered by way of shoppers at the identical netowrk
  • Bypass HTTPS/SSL
  • Redirect DNS requests (DNS Spoofing)
  • Seize and inject Cookies (to realize get entry to to accounts with out a password)
  • Create Faux Login Pages and redirect actual pages to the pretend one
  • Sniff packets from shoppers and analyse them to extract vital information equivalent to: passwords, cookies, urls, movies, photographs ..and many others.
  • Hit upon ARP poisoning and offer protection to yourself and your community towards it.
  • Mix particular person assaults to release much more tough assaults.


  • Elementary IT abilities
  • Community card (ethernet or Wifi)
  • Kali Linux – Free linux distro that may be downloaded from their legit site.



  • All of the movies on this route are downloadable.
  • This worth is just for the first 1000 scholars, the associated fee will pass up after that.

In this route you’re going to get started as a newbie with out a earlier wisdom about penetration checking out. The route is structured in some way that can take you in the course of the fundamentals of networking and the way shoppers keep in touch with each and every different, then we can get started speaking about how we will be able to exploit this system of conversation to hold out quite a lot of tough assaults.

This route is specializes in the sensible facet of wi-fi penetration checking out with out neglecting the idea at the back of each and every assault, the entire assaults defined on this route are introduced towards actual gadgets in my lap.

The Path is Divided into 4 primary sections:

  1. Networks Fundamentals: on this segment you’re going to find out how networks paintings, how gadgets keep in touch with each and every different and the way the ideas is transferred in a wi-fi networks. You’re going to additionally find out about fundamental terminology, what’s a channel ? What’s MAC deal with and the way to exchange it ?
  2. Data Amassing: In this segment you’re going to discover ways to map the present community, ie: uncover the entire attached gadgets (shoppers), no longer handiest that however you’re going to additionally discover ways to accumulate vital knowledge about those shoppers, equivalent to their MAC deal with, their IP, Working device, open ports, systems which are the use of those ports and even perhaps the precise model of this system.
  3. MITM Attacks: on this segment you’re going to be informed quite a lot of very tough assaults that you’ll release towards the community and the attached shoppers, those assaults will will let you acquire get entry to to any account accessed by way of any consumer attached on your community, learn the entire visitors utilized by those shoppers (photographs , movies , audio passwords, cookies, urls …and many others), and acquire complete get entry to to any consumer for your community.
  4. Coverage: In this segment you’re going to discover ways to come across those assaults and offer protection to your self and your community towards them.

All of the assaults on this route are sensible assaults that paintings towards any instrument attached to our community, ie: it does no longer topic if the instrument is a telephone , pill pc …and many others. Every assault is defined in a easy approach first in order that you know the way it if truth be told works, so first you’re going to be informed the idea at the back of each and every assault after which you’re going to discover ways to perform the assault the use of Kali Linux.

NOTE: This route is completely a manufactured from Igneus Applied sciences and No different group is related for certification examination for a similar. Even though, you’re going to obtain Path Finishing touch Certification from Udemy, except that No OTHER ORGANIZATION IS INVOLVED.

Who’s the objective target market?

  • Any one who’s considering studying about community penetration checking out
  • Any one into studying how to offer protection to networks from hackers.

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