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Welcome to my complete direction on Social Engineering! On this direction, you’re going to get started as a newbie without a earlier wisdom about penetration checking out or hacking, we will be able to get started with the fundamentals of social engineering, and by means of finish of it you’ll be at a complicated stage with the ability to hack into all primary working programs (home windows, OS X and Linux), generate various kinds of trojans and ship them the use of sensible social engineering tactics.

This direction is concentrated at the sensible facet of penetration checking out with out neglecting the idea . Sooner than leaping into penetration checking out, you will first discover ways to arrange a lab and set up wanted tool to follow penetration checking out safely by yourself device, then the direction is split into the 4 major sections:

1. Data Accumulating – This phase will educate you accumulate details about your goal climate this is a corporate, website online or only a particular person. You are going to discover ways to uncover the rest this is related along with your goal reminiscent of web pages, links, firms, folks, emails, telephone numbers, buddies, social networks accounts …and many others, you’re going to additionally discover ways to graph all of this knowledge and use it to construct a wise assault technique.

2. Producing Evil Recordsdata  – On this phase you’re going to discover ways to generate evil information (information that do duties you need at the goal pc), this comprises backdoors, keyloggers, credential harvester and extra, you’re going to discover ways to generate those information for Home windows, OS X and Linux, now not simplest that however you’ll additionally discover ways to beef up those information to cause them to bypass all anti-virus methods, and cause them to glance and serve as similar to every other record reminiscent of an symbol or a pdf, you’ll additionally discover ways to embed those information in professional Microsoft Place of job paperwork.

3. Ship Strategies – On this phase you’re going to be informed a variety of social engineering easy methods to ship trojans to the objective, you’re going to discover ways to create faux web pages that glance just like web pages the objective trusts, ship emails that appear to be they’re coming from folks the objective trusts and use faux login pages and faux updates to hack into the objective machine, now not simplest that however you’ll additionally be informed complex social engineering tactics that might entice the objective into visiting an evil URL and hack into the objective machine with out even interacting with them.

4. Publish Exploitation – On this phase you’re going to discover ways to engage with the programs you compromised up to now. You’ll be informed  get entry to the record machine (learn/write/add/execute), take care of your get entry to, escalate your privileges, undercover agent at the goal, use the objective pc as a pivot to hack different pc programs and extra!

In any case on the finish of the direction you’re going to find out how to give protection to your self and your programs from those assaults.

The entire assaults on this direction are sensible assaults that paintings towards actual computer systems, in each and every method you’re going to perceive the idea in the back of it and the way it works, then you definately’ll discover ways to use that method in a actual lifestyles situation, so by means of the top of the direction you’ll be capable of regulate those tactics or mix them to get a hold of extra robust assaults and undertake them to other eventualities and other working programs.

NOTE: This direction is created for tutorial functions simplest and the entire assaults are introduced in my very own lab or towards units that I’ve permission to check.

NOTE: This direction is completely a manufactured from Zaid Sabih and no different group is related to it or a certification examination. Even though, you’re going to obtain a Direction Crowning glory Certification from Udemy, aside from that NO OTHER ORGANIZATION IS INVOLVED.

Who’s the objective target market?

  • Individuals who wish to be informed moral hacking / social engineering
  • Individuals who wish to find out how hackers hack into safe programs that wouldn’t have any vulnerabilities
  • Anyone who needs to discover ways to safe their programs from social engineering assaults

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